Camryn’s Story Part I: The Causes of TMD, Headaches, and Sleep Apnea
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Camryn’s Story Part I: The Causes of TMD, Headaches, and Sleep Apnea

Part 1: Camryn’s Growth and Development A note from Louisville dentist Dr. Tracey Hughes: Thank you for reading my blog. Something you should know— this is a professional, yet VERY personal journey of how I became so passionate about Physiologic Dentistry, treatment of TMD, headaches and sleep apnea using Orthopedic Guided Jaw Development: AGGA (Anterior Guided Growth Appliance) and ControlledArch... read more »

Camryn’s Story Part III: Curing 8 Years of Headaches

A note from Louisville, CO dentist Dr. Tracey Hughes: This is Part 3 of Camryn’s story. We previously posted Part 2 and Part 1, so be sure to check them out to learn more about Camryn’s journey. In the final part of this series, we will explore how non-surgical orthopedic forward face growth of the jaws cures eight years of... read more »

Can I Treat Sleep Apnea at the Dentist?

Why Visit The Dentist For Sleep Apnea Treatment? Dentists routinely examine the overall composition of the mouth, which includes the airway. Dentists analyze the position of the teeth, gums, and jaws as it relates to the airway. Factors such as the height of your dental arches, the position of the tongue, and the height of the hard palate can indicate... read more »

Can Sleep Apnea Cause Fatigue?

If you often wake up after a full nights rest and still feel tired, you may have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a progressive disorder that can cause a full range of other health concerns. If you or your partner snore loudly, you may consider letting dentist, Dr. Tracey Hughes know. Our Louisville, CO dentist office can help you manage... read more »

Click Languages: Did This Straighten the Teeth of our Ancestors?

Compared to our ancestors, our kids’ jaws today are developing much narrower and smaller. Do you ever wonder why the majority of young people today spend their spring break week recovering from having their wisdom teeth pulled? Our jaws aren’t developing large enough to fit all 32 teeth! It never used to be that way. Our earliest ancestors had big,... read more »

Dental Crowns VS Porcelain Restorations

If you have a weak or decaying tooth you’ve probably heard about dental crowns. While dentists have prescribed crowns as a common fix for a while, they’re becoming outdated. More advanced dentists have begun to offer porcelain restorations as an alternative to dental crowns. In this article, we explain just what dental crowns are, how porcelain restorations work and how... read more »

How Can I Treat Crooked Teeth?

Teeth that are misaligned or crooked can have a detrimental effect on both your appearance and your dental health. In addition to feeling self conscious about your natural smile, you may suffer from a range of dental concerns. Crooked teeth can raise your risk for: Tooth decay and cavities: it is often difficult to effectively clean between the teeth when... read more »

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety?

Do you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety about going to the dentist? If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that three out of four adults in the United States have some degree of dental fear. At Boulder Valley Dental Center in Louisville, CO, we understand dental anxieties and provide non-judgmental, compassionate care, along with options such as... read more »

How to Treat Discolored Teeth?

There are many reasons why teeth become stained, darkened or yellow over time. These can include genetics, medical conditions, medications and lifestyle habits. Discolored teeth can detract from the natural beauty of your smile, make you look older and often cause you to feel self conscious about your appearance. A bright, white smile has even been shown to impact professional... read more »