Dental Crowns VS Porcelain Restorations
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Dental Crowns VS Porcelain Restorations

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If you have a weak or decaying tooth you’ve probably heard about dental crowns. While dentists have prescribed crowns as a common fix for a while, they’re becoming outdated. More advanced dentists have begun to offer porcelain restorations as an alternative to dental crowns.

In this article, we explain just what dental crowns are, how porcelain restorations work and how they can be just the procedure you need to get your smile back.

Why Do You Need A Dental Crown?
Your dentist may recommend a dental crown to protect a weak tooth, restore a damaged tooth or even cover a dental implant.
Dental crowns are hollow dental caps, usually made of strong restorative materials. To prepare for a crown, the tooth is ground down, shaping it so the cap fits on top. The crown is then cemented in place.

Unfortunately, with a procedure like this some things can go wrong:

  • Cracking over time
  • Dangerous bacteria can grow under the crown
  • Poorly fitted crowns can become loose and even fall out
  • Most dental crowns are made of metal and stand out amongst your other teeth

So while dental crowns might fix some problems, they’re often a less than ideal solution.
Thankfully, they aren’t your only option when it comes to getting your smile back! Custom-designed porcelain restorations are an alternative to dental crowns you may not have heard of.

What Are Porcelain Restorations?
At Boulder Valley Dental Center, we provide custom porcelain restorations to fix damaged, decaying or cracked teeth.

Porcelain restorations have a lot of benefits:

  • Less drilling means less trauma to the tooth
  • Strong and durable
  • Only replace what is missing and nothing more
  • Their natural coloring blends in beautifully with your smile

When Are Porcelain Restorations Needed?

Porcelain restorations are recommended to:

  • Repair a large cavity
  • Replace old fillings that have failed over time
  • Repair cracked teeth or repair chips in enamel
  • Repair broken cusps

Dental Crown Or Porcelain Restoration?
Dental crowns are quickly becoming an outdated treatment for teeth.

There’s too much potential for something to go wrong. No one should put up with poorly fitted crowns falling out or bacteria growing underneath them. Thankfully, dentistry is always advancing. You now have options when it comes to repairing your teeth.

Porcelain restorations are custom-designed restorations that are much more durable than dental crowns. There is also less drilling which means less trauma on your tooth.

At Boulder Valley Dental Center, we’ve helped dozens of patients with porcelain restorations. Each one has regained confidence in their smile with peace of mind for the long haul. It’s because our patients love their results that we believe porcelain restorations are a great alternative to dental crowns!
If you have damaged or decaying teeth, we recommend scheduling a visit with a dentist that offers porcelain restorations!