Root Canal Therapy
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Are you experiencing a problem with a tooth? In the past, your only option may have been an extraction. But at Boulder Valley Dental Center, our dentist and team offer root canal therapy in Louisville, Colorado. Dr. Tracey Hughes can use this treatment to save your tooth and your smile. We invite you to call our office at 720-637-3137 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

A cavity, or even a crack so small it may be missed during a regular dental exam, may be enough for bacteria to reach the pulp at the center of your tooth. Signs of an infection can be a toothache or even a tooth that is sensitive to heat, cold, pressure, or sweet foods or drinks. In advanced cases, you may also experience swelling.

Your pulp is important since it contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth healthy. But the structure of your tooth can be preserved without the pulp by using root canal therapy. During your appointment, our dentist will gently remove the infected tissue and can protect your tooth with a crown. This treatment can allow you to continue to enjoy the normal function and appearance of your smile and improve your oral health.

At the very first sign of a potential problem, call our office and plan a visit with our dentist.