Dental Fillings
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Even if a tiny area of tooth decay or a small amount of dental damage is not causing you any problems at the moment, you should still call Boulder Valley Dental Center at 720-637-3137. Our dentist, Dr. Tracey Hughes, can repair your smile with a visit for a dental filling in Louisville, Colorado.

A dental filling is a very common restoration that is usually used to repair a cavity or minor damage to one of your teeth. At one point, amalgam fillings were used, which are a combination of silver, other metals and trace amounts of mercury. However, in recent years, fillings made of a composite resin have become more affordable and popular. A composite filling contains no potentially harmful materials, and the color of the resin can be shaded to match the color of your tooth and blend in seamlessly with your smile. They are also extremely strong and bond directly to the surface of your tooth. In addition, composite fillings do not need to be replaced. If your tooth needs further treatment, our dentist can simply add additional layers of composite.

In addition to solving the immediate problem of a cavity, a dental filling can prevent a future infection and restore the health and appearance of your tooth. If you have concerns about the health and strength of one of your teeth, call our office to schedule a visit with us.