How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

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Studies show that 37 million Americans used teeth whiteners in 2020. Your local supermarket is stocked with dozens of products promising Hollywood-bright smiles. Look at the before and after photos and it seems like you’re one treatment away from a permanently dazzling smile. But did you know that teeth whitening isn’t permanent? Results won’t last forever. So how do you know whether a product or procedure is worth your time and money? Just how long does teeth whitening last?

In this blog we’ll look at what teeth whitening is, what types of teeth whitening you have to choose from, and how long each type lasts. We’ll also give you a few tips to make sure your teeth whitening lasts longer. 

Are Their Different Types of Teeth Whitening?

There are several different types of teeth whitening. While some you can buy at the store, others will require a trip to the dentist. 

Whitening toothpastes, strips and whitening trays are all available to use at home and can be purchased at supermarkets, department stores or online. But they all come with their own drawbacks.

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Whitening toothpastes are the easiest product to use. Because they contain tiny abrasives, brushing with whitening toothpaste can remove some external stains. While helpful, those results will only go so far. They won’t get your teeth any whiter than their natural shade and technically do not whiten.

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Whitening strips are worn for 30-60 minutes each day over a period of weeks. They show results more quickly than toothpastes, but can be inconsistent. You also have to be careful that you only apply the strips on your teeth. Otherwise you can harm the soft tissue in your mouth.

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Whitening trays look like mouth guards filled with gel. You might have to wear the trays for hours a night for weeks at a time. You can buy them from a store or have one custom fit from a dentist. The ones you get from a dentist will work faster and will be fitted.

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An in-office teeth whitening treatment will be your quickest route to white teeth. In as little as one hour,  you can get the results you’re looking for. In-office teeth whitening lasts longer than at-home solutions. There are several different professional options varying by dentist. 


Boulder Valley Dental Center uses KöR whitening, which was developed by a dentist after years of research. KöR is widely recognized as the most effective whitening solution. 

It’s secret lies in its refrigeration technology. You see, when it warms up, typical whitening gel breaks down into acid. This causes tooth sensitivity and makes the product less effective. But KöR developed a system that manufactures, stores and ships their whitening gel under climate controlled refrigeration. This process makes their gel more effective than any other treatment on the market.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

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How long your teeth stay white depends on the solution you used, how well your teeth were whitened in the first place and how well you keep up with your dental hygiene. If you take care of your teeth after whitening, your investment can go a long way.

Some treatments, such as whitening strips or whitening toothpaste will only last you a few months.

An in-office solution, such as KöR can last for decades as long as you take proper care of your teeth. If your teeth do become stained again, the touchup process is easy and just requires a few days of using whitening trays at home. Other in-office solutions can last for a few years.

If you want to keep your teeth whiter for longer, follow these 4 tips:

  1. Brush your teeth regularly

Brushing your teeth is the easiest and most effective way to keep your teeth white and healthy. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals. In addition to keeping your teeth white, regularly brushing your teeth will help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

  1. Watch what you eat and drink

There are certain foods and beverages that stain your teeth. Tea, coffee, soda and red wine are known for staining. Dark beverages are more likely to stain, especially if you aren’t brushing your teeth regularly. 

Sugary foods can also affect how long your teeth stay white. These foods increase your chances of cavities and enamel erosion, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to staining. It’s not just junk food you need to avoid. Berries are healthy, but their dark color will stain your teeth. You don’t have to completely avoid them, but give your teeth extra attention after eating. As a general guideline, consider the “white shirt test”: if it stains a white shirt, it can stain your teeth. You don’t have to give up these foods completely, just make sure you clean your teeth after enjoying them.

  1. Avoid tobacco products

Tobacco stains your teeth, no matter the form. If you are a regular smoker or if you use chewing tobacco, you’ll struggle to keep your teeth white. You’re also putting yourself at a greater risk of gum disease, tooth loss and oral cancer. 

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

Even if you’re brushing your teeth regularly and watching what you eat, you should still visit your dentist for teeth cleaning every six months. A dentist can clean places that are hard to reach with your toothbrush. They can also help you keep plaque from building up in your mouth, thus preventing weakened enamel and tooth decay. 

Have The Smile You Deserve

If you want white teeth, you should go with the best option available. While some at-home treatments can offer you a temporary solution, the process is longer and the solution doesn’t last as long.

You don’t have to put up with yellow teeth. You deserve to have a smile you love and results that last. 

If you’re ready to have the smile you deserve, schedule an appointment with your dentist. They’ll help you find the best solution for you and answer any questions you might have about the teeth whitening process. 

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