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Teeth Whitening

KOR Teeth Whitening

“At Boulder Valley Dental Center, we are proud to offer Kor Teeth Whitening, widely recognized as THE most effective teeth whitening system available today.  Kor whitening offers cost-effective whitening options from astonishing at home whitening for average teeth shades to phenomenal treatment of tetracycline stained teeth and everything in between.”

How white will my teeth get?

Kor Whitening whitens teeth dramatically, up to 15 shades or more, without lasers and light gimics.  Although everyone begins at different starting shades, with the proper Kor whitening system, nearly all clients have stunning results.  Tetracycline stained teeth used to be impossible to whiten in the past, but Kor is extremely effective, even in those cases.

Seeing is believing! Check out these incredible untouched before and after images of Kor Whitening Smiles.

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How is Kor Whitening different from other available teeth whitening systems?

Refrigeration is crucial!  Kor whitening products are refrigerated during manufacturing to the instant it’s received by our Louisville, CO cosmetic dental office.  We receive it cold. Why is this significant? It’s because teeth whitening gels are unstable chemicals, which is a good thing because that is how they work…when you put them in your mouth, they break down to whiten teeth.  However, the downside to this instability is that if they aren’t kept under refrigeration at all times, they begin to break down immediately upon manufacturing. As the chemicals break down in the gel, they become more acidic, which reduces the effectiveness of other system gels and also contributes to more sensitivity.

You can only imagine how extreme temperature fluctuation during warehouse storage and in the Fed Ex truck sitting overnight in the summer negatively affects this breakdown of other conventional whitening products.  With the Kor system, our team at Boulder Valley Dental receives the whitening products that have maintained refrigeration during manufacturing, storage and shipping, etc which provides fresh, 100% concentrated whitening gel.

Is this an at-home whitening system, or in-office treatment?

Kor Whitening is offered both as an at-home treatment, or a combination of at-home treatment followed by an in-office.  Whitening treatments are individualized for each cosmetic client depending upon their starting smile shade, the complexity of certain teeth staining such as tetracycline, and the client’s desired outcomes.

You mention chemicals, is it safe to whiten my teeth with the Kor Whitening System?

Yes! Kor whitening is considered entirely safe.  Teeth whitening gel chemicals, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, have been clinically studied for more than 30 years and used safely on millions of people without harm to the teeth or gums.

I hear a lot about sensitivity in relation to teeth whitening.  Will my teeth become sensitive with the Kor Whitening system?

Sensitivity during teeth whitening has been greatly reduced with the advancements in the Kor whitening system.  There is no such thing as absolutely no sensitivity, but because Kor kits are refrigerated during manufacturing, storage and delivery, the peroxides in the whitening gel remain more stable, preventing the gels from becoming acidic, which is the main cause of whitening sensitivity.   Also, another benefit provided from the refrigeration process eliminates the need for chemical stabilizer, which cause sensitivity in other systems. Stabilizing agents cause sensitivity. Kor Whitening kits do not have added chemical stabilizers.

Additionally, our patient’s use a desensitizer at home every day with the Kor whitening system.  Using the desensitizer at home everyday during the whitening process ensures reduced sensitivity during the whitening process.  Should you experience a slight bit of sensitivity during the whitening process, be rest assured it will only be temporary.

How long will my Kor Whitening results last?

With easy periodic home touch up sessions, your whitening will deliver lasting results!  The number of touch up session/ month required will depend upon your consumption of dark staining beverages and tobacco use.

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