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Experience stress-free, comfortable, efficient dentistry in Louisville, CO with NuCalm

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Could you use a tranquil break in your busy day? Louisville, CO family dentist Dr. Tracey Hughes takes a personalized approach to dental care. Her gentle demeanor and one-patient-at-a-time philosophy let you know you are welcome and receiving her full attention. She also offers NuCalm, a soothing solution that can help you relax for treatment, with benefits that may extend long after your visit.

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is high-tech stress relief. Patients who experience dental anxiety or avoid oral care due to fear of the dentist can feel totally relaxed during treatment. This revolutionary relaxation technique is a safe, natural alternative to traditional sedation dentistry. NuCalm is non-invasive and does not use any sedatives, affording patients a drug-free state of total relaxation.

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How is NuCalm administered?

A combination of distinct therapies interrupts stress signals from adrenalin and cortisol, guiding a physiological change in the midbrain region similar to what occurs as you are falling asleep.

  • The first step is application of lavender calming cream, as instructed by Dr. Hughes.
  • A neuropatch is placed behind each ear delivering gentle electromagnetic microcurrents.
  • The NuCalm device includes headphones that replace external sounds with pleasant neuroacoustic frequencies.
  • Light blocking glasses or an eye mask further reduce stressful stimulus.
  • Now simply sit back and relax as your whole being slips into a natural recovery zone.

How do patients in Louisville, CO benefit from NuCalm?

When dental treatment is completed, you feel revived and refreshed. Because NuCalm is non-medicinal, there is no residual grogginess – you may return to your daily routine immediately, without side effects. While NuCalm’s sleep benefits are not the emphasis during dental treatment, it is a natural “off switch” for your mind and body, so you may experience improved sleep quality after your appointment.

Where can you learn more about NuCalm?

NuCalm technology

Dr. Hughes encourages you to explore NuCalm reviews on the internet. This feedback provides candid insight into the experiences of real dental patients and other NuCalm users.

The dental care team at Boulder Valley Dental Center understands that visiting the dentist can be stress inducing. We take every measure to help patients relax so they may receive the quality dental health care they need and deserve. Our office offers various sedation dentistry options for patients across the Lafayette, Broomfield, Boulder, and Louisville, CO area suffering from dental anxiety.

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