Keep Your Mouth Healthy for Years to Come

General Dentistry

Keep Up With Regular Dental Cleanings

To keep your teeth healthy, you have to keep them clean. A professional cleaning uses special instruments and advanced technology to go beyond your daily care. Prevent decay and enjoy that clean mouth feel with visits every six months.

Get Rid of Cavities, with Fillings

Natural-looking and mercury-free dental fillings help address tooth decay. They keep cavities from spoiling your smile’s look and keep your bite healthy and strong.
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Repair Your Teeth with Dental Crowns

Crowns repair or improve the appearance of a single tooth. When a tooth is damaged Dr. Hughes can restore it with shorter appointments and without unnecessary removal.

Strengthen Your Mouth with Natural-Looking Implants

General dentistry uses implants to replace missing or overly damaged teeth and maintain the shape of your jaw. You get long-lasting implants that look great and can be cared for just like your natural teeth.
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Prevent Tooth Loss and Other Issues with Saliva Diagnostics

Saliva diagnostics is an easy way to spot issues before they start. This quick and noninvasive technique helps you spot issues like gum disease before they become major concerns. Get personalized and proactive treatment so you never have to worry about losing your smile.

Treat Gum Disease with Cutting Edge LANAP Therapy

LANAP is the most technologically advanced treatment for gum disease. It treats infections and strengthens your mouth without painful surgery. Learn more about LANAP and periodontal therapy here.
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With a Healthy Smile, You’re Ready for Life’s Best Moments

Good general dentistry keeps you camera-ready every day of the year. Plus, with regular visits you can avoid costly treatments and spend less time worrying about your dental care.