6 Tips For a More Attractive Smile
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6 Tips For a More Attractive Smile

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  1. Brush
    I know I know, this sounds like Dentistry 101. You’ve been told to brush your teeth since you were a little kid. But your mother is right, brushing your teeth is one of the most important tips for a more attractive smile. When you brush, you rub the tiny abrasives (think very gentle sandpaper) in toothpaste over your teeth. This polishing removes bacteria and prevents plaque buildup. It helps you avoid surface stains and is the number one thing you can do to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.What does this mean for your smile? Everything! Brushing your teeth regularly (at least 2x a day) keeps your teeth bright and white. It also prevents disease that could destroy the look and health of your smile.
  2. Floss
    You had to know this was coming next. Flossing goes hand in hand with brushing. Or at least it should. Surveys show that only 30% of Americans floss regularly. The rest of us are missing out. Brushing cares for about 70% of your smile, leaving the rest of your mouth vulnerable to bacteria and decay. Those hard to reach spaces are hotspots for plaque and food debris. If left unattended, this can cause all sorts of dental issues. The plaque can eat away at your enamel, leaving your teeth sensitive and even discolored. Food particles might cause cavities, forcing you to get them filled. And with plaque and bacteria building along the gumline, you’re in danger of gingivitis. This will mean your gums look red and swollen. It’s very difficult to have an attractive smile with inflamed and sore gums. If gingivitis goes untreated it can lead to advanced gum disease. In this condition (called periodontitis), your gums will recede and the roots of your teeth will be exposed. That’s painful, unseemly, and it can quickly lead to tooth loss. To prevent these dangers, floss each day.
  3. See a dentist regularly
    Home dental care goes a long way in creating an attractive smile. But even if you brush and floss diligently, your mouth still needs a little extra help. That’s why we recommend you see a dentist regularly — at least once every six months. At your appointment your dentist will be able to give your teeth a deep clean. They have tools and experience to take care of hard to reach places. You’ll leave with your teeth more clean and polished than you could ever get them at home. Plus, your dentist will be able to check on your oral health. They’ll know how to spot problems before they turn into costly procedures or unattractive smiles.
  4. Avoid foods that stain
    Tea, coffee, red wine, berries, curries, and soy sauce. What do these drinks and foods have in common? Well, in addition to being delicious, they also are known to stain your teeth. These and other dark colored substances can dull the whiteness of your smile. They might make your pearly whites look darker and, consequently, less attractive. It’s okay to enjoy these foods and drinks in moderation. Just be sure to properly brush after you consume them.
  5. Consider whitening procedures
    To have what most people consider an attractive smile, you need white teeth. Bright, shiny smiles look healthy and happy and are known to attract attention. But they’re not always easy to achieve. While the above advice will help you prevent stains to your teeth, what happens if your teeth are already a little darker than you like? That’s where many people turn to whitening procedures.Procedures like the Kör Whitening we practice at Boulder Valley Dental are proven to help lighten your teeth a few shades. Unlike at home products, this procedure can remove stains below the surface. Check out these images to see just how big of a difference it can make.
  6. Ask your dentist about other proceduresThe color of your teeth is important, but it’s not the only thing you need for an attractive smile. The size, shape, and spacing of your teeth also impact your look.Overly large or small teeth can make your smile uneven. If your teeth are extra pointy your smile may look less than welcoming. And excessive spacing can keep your smile from looking as put together as you want.The exact details of your smile are unique to you. But whatever your struggle, a cosmetic dentist can help. They might recommend procedures like porcelain restorationsveneers, or braces. A good dentist will walk you through all of your options and can help explain how treatment can make your mouth healthier and your smile more attractive.

4 Reminders

These tips for a more attractive smile should have you well on your way to the look you want. But as you consider your options, here are some things to remember:

  1. Avoid “quick fix” products.
    There are hundreds of products promising to revolutionize your smile. Some of these are ineffective and others are downright dangerous. Always be sure to do your research and talk with your dentist before trying anything.
  2. Know when to ask for professional help.
    Some people don’t love visiting the dentist, but it’s important to know when you need help. If you have pain or swelling or simply aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for, talk with your dentist.
  3. Consistency is key for an attractive smile.
    Again while some products promise an overnight transformation, a truly beautiful smile is made by consistent upkeep. Brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly and your mouth will be in it’s best shape for a long time.
  4. How you smile impacts the look of your teeth.
    Good dental care is the most important part of an attractive smile, but the way you smile also matters. View this guide for tips.

Say Cheese!

As you can see, the best way to have a more attractive smile is to take good care of your teeth. Practice good oral hygiene at home and when you need a little extra help, talk with your dentist. Then with these tips in mind, smile away!