What are the Benefits of a Saliva Diagnosis?
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What are the Benefits of a Saliva Diagnosis?

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Saliva Diagnostics

Saliva diagnostics in Louisville, CO: Easy, noninvasive path to personalized, proactive treatment that works

Boulder Valley Dental Center treats more than “nose to chin” within our warm, welcoming, home-like office. We get to know and treat the whole you. Remember: Your teeth and gums do not live in isolation. Oral problems can damage your entire “system.” You are “more than your teeth and gums,” one of the ways we get to know you better is through diagnostics.

These diagnostics allow us to pinpoint the cause of common oral conditions, including one of the biggest culprits behind tooth loss: gum disease. Saliva diagnostics at the Louisville, CO office of Dr. Tracey Hughes is noninvasive, hassle-free, painless, quick, and affordable.

Saliva provides great insight into both oral and systemic diseases, which are of special interest to dentistry. Oral conditions are often linked to problems with systems and organs that seem to have nothing to do with your mouth, such as heart disease and respiratory disorders.

After the saliva is collected, either on a strip or in a special tube, the sample is analyzed. Many different types of salivary diagnostic tests may be ordered. We recommend the OralDNA® Labs panel of tests.


There are an estimated 20 billion microbes that live in your mouth. Through saliva testing, we can determine both the numbers and the types of pathogens or harmful bacteria that are present in your mouth. MyPerioPath® identifies high-risk, moderate-risk, and low-risk pathogens for advanced or aggressive forms of gum disease. So, this test may serve as an “early warning” of your risk of periodontal disease, as well as your risk of conditions like heart disease. Some high-risk pathogens, like P. gingivalis, are related to the development of atherosclerosis, a buildup of fatty plaques in the arteries that can lead to coronary artery disease, heart attack, and heart failure.

Celsus One™

Inflammation plays a critical role in the severity of gum disease, and conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Celsus One™ looks for eight gene markers that are linked to this critical inflammatory response. If these markers are identified, Dr. Hughes can be proactive in developing personalized therapies even before symptoms arise. This is an ideal situation; preventing instead of reacting to damage caused by progressive gum inflammation.

OraRisk® HPV

A saliva sample may also hold clues to the early detection (and successful treatment) of oral cancers. Specific types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) may be identified during analysis. HPV has been implicated in the rise of oral cancers among non-smokers aged 50 and younger. As with other cancers, early detection and treatment can be lifesaving.

OraRisk® Candida

Characterized by creamy white lesions, oral thrush can cause a loss of taste and pain that makes it tough to eat food comfortably, or to swallow easily. Oral thrush can also spread to other parts of the body, and lead to more serious systemic infections. Also known as candidiasis, oral thrush may be detected early and treated effectively with OraRisk® Candida. The test pinpoints all species of Candida yeast, which is important because some strains do not respond to “standard” antifungal medications.

So, treatment of “salivary infections” through testing means more than a couple of different things; depending on your situation, we may be referring to the infection-causing periodontal bacteria, which sets off an inflammatory response and the destruction of the gums and supporting bone. We may also be referring to the presence of pathogens responsible for a range of viral and fungal infections, and oral conditions and systemic diseases. It is a powerful approach to detect conditions when they are easiest to treat (in their earliest stages); to guide effective, personalized treatment; and to monitor conditions and treatments to see how well you are responding to therapies.

As you can see, saliva testing is no one thing, and there is no one quite like you! To find out more and to see how these convenient and precise technologies can benefit you, call us at Boulder Valley Dental Center – 303-666-8820. Dr. Hughes looks forward to meeting you.