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Supportive Periodontal Therapies

Periodontal Disease…An Overview

Dr. Tracey Hughes is committed to both patient education and comprehensive care when it comes to gum health. Boulder Valley Dental Center offers screening, diagnosis and treatment for all stages of gum disease with an emphasis on disease prevention through routine dental care.

The gums provide more than aesthetics for your smile- they serve to support the teeth and create a barrier for harmful bacteria, keeping it from entering the bloodstream. Dr. Hughes and your dental hygienist perform a thorough screening for the early signs of gum disease during your routine preventive care visits. Coming in twice a year can go a long way towards keeping your smile healthy and avoiding many common dental problems from becoming complex dental concerns.

Do your gums bleed during daily tooth brushing or flossing?

Gums that are red, irritated or  bleed during routine oral hygiene are often the early warning sign of periodontal disease. Gum disease affects more than 75% of adults today to some degree, most of whom are unaware that it is affecting their oral health until larger problems develop such as loose or shifting teeth. If your gums are bleeding, come in for a visit or mention it at your next preventive care appointment so that we can recommend appropriate treatment for restoring your oral health.

Why Your Gum Health Is Important

The gums play a very important role in both your dental health and your overall physical health. They serve as the supporting structure for your teeth, nourishing the tooth roots and stabilizing your smile. Healthy gum tissue also works as a barrier that keeps harmful bacteria in the mouth from entering the bloodstream and raising your risk for larger health concerns that can include systemic and cardiovascular disease. Studies have conclusively shown the link between poor oral health and increased internal inflammation that leads to disease or increases the severity of symptoms in existing illness. Keeping the gums healthy will provide many health benefits in addition to a stable smile.

Dr. Hughes performs a thorough periodontal screening during your routine dental care exams to look for any early signs of disease. When caught early, in the gingivitis stage, gum disease is often treated successfully with conservative measures. As a team, we believe that a comprehensive approach to your oral health is best for a lasting, healthy smile. Treating gum disease and educating our patients on how best to maintain gum health between visits is a key part of our preventive dental care program.

Is it too good to be true?  Have you been told you have gum disease and are in need of surgery?  We’ve stayed ahead of the curve…there may be other alternatives to gum surgery:

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