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Smile Design Makeover

“I’ve always wanted a beautiful new smile!”

A Smile Design Makeover not only gifts you a new, beautiful smile, but it also can give you a  youthful glow. When you schedule a consultation for a Smile Design Makeover, Dr. Hughes will evaluate factors that will restore balance within your face and compliment your smile.  This could include looking at the smile symmetry, midline corrections, alignment of the teeth, tooth proportions, size, length and color as well as the ill appearance of any metal fillings.  Only after these factors are all considered, then Dr. Hughes will create a personalized smile design treatment plan for you.

Dr. Hughes will craft a smile that compliments your inner Goddess!

Say “Yes” to a Smile Design Makeovers! Thanks to Smile Design Makeover, we have created new standards of aging beautifully.  Our approach to your Smile Design Makeover is customized to you. Dr. Hughes focuses on your facial features to create a smile that will compliment you and even turn back the clock.

How so?

You can preview your new smile before even beginning treatment!  Dr. Hughes is highly skilled with her aesthetic eye to design a “trial smile” that can be temporarily applied to your teeth so you can get the feel of your new smile before even starting the procedure.  Communication between you, the team at Boulder Valley Dental, and our master ceramist is key in a predictably beautiful outcome.