Options for Adolescent Jaw Development Expansion?
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Options for Adolescent Jaw Development Expansion?

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Anterior Guided Growth Appliance (AGGA) & Controlled Arch Braces (CAB) in Payton (age 13)

Non-Surgical jaw development orthodontics in adolescents using AGGA + CAB is an alternative to extraction/retraction orthodontics. Jaw development with fixed AGGA+ CAB develops the upper jaw and mid-face forward and allows the lower jaw to grow to its forward genetic potential, expansion of the dental arches, decompression of the TMJs eliminating headaches & pain, increase in airway volume and stabilization of cervical neck posture which eliminates forward head posture.

See the changes below in a 13 year old girl after 8 months (5 months in fixed AGGA and 2 months into Controlled Arch Braces). Her neck posture is properly supported as forward head posture has been improved, mid-face developed forward, lower jaw forward and her upper lip is more supported and jawline beautifully developing.

Fixed AGGA is indicated in adolescence approximately age 12+. Removable AGGA can be utilized to harness growth in children between the ages of 6-12.

Fixed AGGA + CAB benefits include forward face development without jaw surgery, orthodontic expansion, straightening and alignment of the teeth without extracting and retracting teeth, and a broad beautiful smile.

What is AGGA?

AGGA is a fixed appliance that is used to remodel the upper jaw and midface forward in adolescents age 12+ and adults. We bonded fixed AGGA in Payton when she was 13 which developed her maxilla and midface forward 6mm. (see above)

It’s important to develop the jaw position and size first, THEN align and straighten the teeth in conjunction with arch expansion (CAB). Conventional orthodontics recommends expansion, which is one dimension of orthodontic development. Physiologic orthodontics remodel the arch forward first, THEN expand the arch and aligns the teeth.

What is CAB?

Controlled Arch Braces utilizes different mechanics compared to conventional orthodontics. CAB expands the dental arches using a Fixe/Removable Lingual Arch (FRLA) which is activated to the ideal intermolar arch width. As the FRLA is activated and used in conjunction with CAB, the entire arch develops forward and expands the width of the arch allowing ample space for the tongue to rest high in the palate, improving airway space. Also known as airway orthodontics, AGGA + CAB develops the dental arches back to the ideal intended genetic potential.

Notice the arch width orthodontic expansion in a short 6 mos using an FRLA expander during CAB. We will continue to protract, or bring the back teeth forward into the forward developed space. Stoplock screws are used on the arch wire to prevent any posterior retraction of the anterior segment and teeth. As the upper arch develops with CAB the lower jaw does the same, forward jaw development with orthodontic expansion. Forward face orthodontics is the alternative to extraction/retraction orthodontics and alternative to jaw surgery in 98% of orthodontic cases.

If you are looking for a non-extraction alternative to orthodontics for your adolescent or non-surgical alternative to jaw surgery, please call for a physiologic orthodontic consultation with Dr. Tracey Hughes to discuss fixed AGGA + CAB alternatives.