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NuCalm® An Overview

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Boulder, CO family dentist Dr. Tracey Hughes takes a personalized approach to dental care. Her gentle demeanor and one visit at a time philosophy help her patients feel welcomed, comfortable, and relaxed in her care. Our dental care team understands that visiting the dentist can be stress inducing. We take every measure to help patients relax while receiving the quality dental health care they need and deserve. Our Boulder, CO dentist office offers sedation dentistry options for patients suffering from dental anxiety.

That is why Boulder Valley Dental Center offers NuCalm.

NuCalm is a revolutionary relaxation technique. An alternative to traditional sedation dentistry, NuCalm does not use any sedatives, affording patients a drug-free state of total relaxation.

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Beautiful, relaxing office....Soft chair with gentle massage in the back....hand treatment. Can a person look forward to going to the dentist? I actually do!Marilyn K.
We LOVE Boulder Valley Dental Center for their excellent care of and attention to a person who finds dental visits challenging.Estrellita S.
“She makes you feel very comfortable.”Karen Young
“You feel so good walking out.”Kevin O’Connor

NuCalm® What to Expect

NuCalm is a non-invasive, drug-free method of relaxation. Patients who experience dental anxiety, or avoid the dentist due to fear of the dentist can use NuCalm to feel totally relaxed during their dental treatment. Because NuCalm is non-medicinal, patients are able to return to their daily routine immediately after treatment without any side effects.  Many patients even feel refreshed and rejuvenated after their dentist office visit due to the restoring effects of NuCalm.

NuCalm in 4 Steps

  1. Take the NuCalm supplement as instructed by your dentist
  2. Apply a neuropatch behind each
    ear and turn on microcurrent
  3. Place NuCalm headphones over your ears and turn on app
  4. Put on the NuCalm eye mask or glasses provided

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Once you have followed each of the four, simple steps, just sit back and relax. NuCalm will help you slip into a state of total relaxation. The NuCalm system is designed to help patients achieve a state of calmness while their body is in its recovery zone. While you are using NuCalm your body is able to rebuild, balance hormone cycles, and lowers your mental and physical stress.

Dr. Tracey Hughes

Why choose Boulder Valley Dental Center?

Dr. Tracey Hughes and the dedicated team at Boulder Valley Dental Center provide personalized dental care in Louisville, CO. Dr. Hughes is an experienced dentist who remains committed to continuing education in order to ensure the highest standard of care for your oral health needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Hughes is trained in the LANAP procedure and offers comprehensive care for complex problems including gum disease.

Relationship dentistry is the hallmark of our practice where we place great emphasis on getting to know and understand our patients as a member of our extended family. We have designed our dental office to be welcoming, relaxing and a place that you look forward to visiting as you maintain, restore or enhance your natural smile.