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Mercury Free Fillings

Mercury-Free Dental fillings from Dr. Hughes in Louisville, CO look beautifully natural

Have you had a cavity? You are in good company! At some point in their lives, most people will receive a dental filling to address tooth decay. With treatment at Boulder Valley Dental Center in Louisville, CO, a cavity does not spoil the appearance of your smile. Dr. Tracey Hughes places metal-free dental fillings for safe, aesthetically pleasing results that are also highly durable. Dental fillings are an important treatment for reducing the impact of tooth decay and helping you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.

What is a composite filling?

Although the silver colored amalgam fillings used today contain less mercury than they did years ago, there is still a potential health risk – especially if you have a metal allergy. Over time, amalgam fillings can break down and begin to both “leak” out and allow bacteria in. A new white cavity filling creates a secure seal that is highly effective at preventing future decay or infection.

Are there additional benefits of tooth colored fillings?

Boulder Valley Dental Center is a metal free practice, providing the safest possible care for you and your family. A metal free white tooth filling provides natural looking results while stabilizing the condition of your tooth. Dr. Hughes can replace old, dark, or leaky amalgam fillings for an instant smile makeover. A composite tooth decay filling is very strong, and with good oral habits can last many years.

Are there other uses for the white tooth filling technique?

Composite material may be used as a temporary filling following a root canal procedure, until the final tooth restoration, a porcelain crown, is placed. Dental filling material is also used to repair minor chips and cracks in enamel.

What to expect when getting dental fillings in Louisville, CO?

Getting a dental filling, is a relatively straightforward procedure that produces minimal discomfort. Our team is highly attentive to your needs and makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

  • Local anesthetic is administered to numb the area.
  • Decay and infection are gently removed from tooth structure.
  • Once the tooth is cleaned and prepared, a composite material or ceramic is sculpted into the space.
  • The filling is permanently cured and bonded in place with a special light.
  • The restoration is polished for a comfortable bite and aesthetically pleasing result.

If decay is in a larger back tooth, Dr. Hughes may recommend an inlay or onlay. These indirect restorations, sometimes called partial crowns, are fabricated at a dental lab rather than made chairside.

There are so many advantages to keeping your smile healthy. It makes sense to address tooth decay with a dental filling as soon as possible to avoid significant damage to the tooth – and the discomfort, inconvenience, and additional expense that goes along with it.

Dr. Hughes is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction that requires extensive post graduate training in all aspects of general dentistry. She is eager to treat you to the highest standard of care to maintain your smile. Call [phone] for an appointment at Boulder Valley Dental Center in Louisville, CO. Dr. Hughes serves patients across the Lafayette, Broomfield, and Boulder region.