Our Office Technology

dental technology at boulder valley dental centerTechnology has revolutionized the field of dentistry in many ways and has not only improved the patient experience but the accuracy of results.

Dr. Tracey Hughes is committed to providing the highest standard of dental care that is enhanced by the use of advanced technology. The technology used at the Boulder Valley Dental Center in Louisville, CO is carefully chosen and integrated for the benefits it can provide for both doctor and patient.

Come in and experience the difference that personalized, state of the art dental care can offer for your unique smile.

Periolase (LANAP)

LANAP is an FDA cleared laser assisted procedure that can restore gum health by stimulating the natural regeneration of healthy tissue, avoiding the need for oral surgery.

Diode laser

Our hygienist, Shanda, is certified to use our diode laser as a non-surgical adjunct to combat gum disease.

Aries Home Sleep Monitor

A comfortable, wireless device that can be worn at home to diagnose sleep apnea.


We can achieve more stable, durable dental fillings with this hand held device which uses sonic technology to fill cavities with composite resin compounds in less time and with fewer or no air pockets.

K7 for Neuromuscular/TMJ Disorders

K7 is an advanced system used to diagnose bite or occlusal disorders that gathers a range of information using several tools: sonography (captures the joint sounds), electromyography (evaluates the muscle function of the face and the neck), jaw tracking (determines the correct position of the jaw).

Diagnodent cavity detector

Diagnodent is a convenient, hand held laser cavity detection tool that can help us spot developing decay in the very early stages for conservative treatment.

Digital X-rays

Boulder Valley Dental Center uses digital x-rays for higher resolution images that can be stored digitally. Patients are exposed to significantly less radiation with this type of diagnostic.

Digital and Intraoral imaging

Tiny, hand held digital cameras are used to take high resolution images of the inside of your mouth for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.


Isolite provides an added measure of safety by protecting your tongue, cheek and throat with a clear, comfortable mouthpiece that can reduce jaw fatigue and suction fluids while we perform your dental treatment.