Meet Roxy, Our Comfort Dog

roxy, boulder valley dental center therapy dog
Roxy is the newest member of the Boulder Valley Dental Center team, and has quickly become the most requested staff member with our patients. Roxy is a Bernedoodle with a big heart and a calming effect on everyone she meets.

Roxy is currently in training to become a fully certified Dental Therapy Dog and she is a quick and avid learner! She enjoys greeting patients and can sit by your side upon request if you would like some distraction or a friend to be with you during your dental treatment.

Patients of all ages have enjoyed Roxy’s presence, from her wet-nosed greeting to a chairside visit for getting to know them a little better. Roxy may not know a lot about dentistry, but she knows that it is important to visit with us and take care of your smile so that she can enjoy your company while you are here.

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