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LANAP: Laser Therapy

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Laser dentistry has changed the way dentist treat oral health issues related to the gums and soft tissues. LANAP is a highly effective laser system that allows for a less invasive, more effective and less painful alternative to traditional gum surgery. LANAP therapy is used by Boulder, CO cosmetic dentist Dr. Tracey Hugehs to stop the spread of gum disease and repair damaged tissue.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a progressive bacterial infection that can cause advanced oral health concerns. Left untreated, gum disease is also linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Treating gum disease is essential in protecting your oral health.


LANAP laser therapy targets diseased tissue creating no additional damage to the gums. Dr. Hugehs can remove the bacterial infection caused by periodontal disease and even reach the deep pockets of the gums leaving. LANAP promotes the natural regeneration of healthy tissue using no sutures.

How long does the LANAP therapy treatment take?

Most patients will receive 2 treatments each 90 minutes long. Treatments are completed in the comfort of our spa-like dentist office and you will be treated to luxurious amenities during treatment.

Is LANAP therapy painful?

Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable LANAP therapy is. Dr. Hughes may use a local anesthetic prior to treatment to ensure your absolute comfort and ease. There is no downtime associated with LANAP and patients are able to resume their normal daily life immediately after treatment.

Have other patients been successful with LANAP?

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If you have gum disease, contact our Boulder, CO dentist office as soon as possible or schedule your consultation online. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent further complications associated with the bacterial infection. Treating your gums is essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

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A Success Story

Natalie B. "Boulder valley dental center is amazing! The staff is very friendly and the facilities are state of the art. My last visit is easily the most comfortable visit I've ever had with a dentist. I can't recommend them enough."
Michael C. "I need to have a lot of dental work done and the ladies at Boulder Valley Dental all work extra hard to make sure their patients are comfortable. They are amazing and I am so happy to have a trustworthy dentist who actually cares. I highly recommend Dr. Hughes and the whole staff at Boulder Valley Dental."
Tyler K. "The most friendly, careful, and thoughtful experience I've ever had at a dentist."
Eric T. "Extremely nice and helpful staff. They do an amazing job of working through your care plan and provide very comprehensive service. They're not afraid to take extra time with their patients to ensure that they are comfortable with their care and treatment and that they understand the decisions being put in front of them. Would recommend them to anyone in need of dental care."
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Camryn's Story

Dr. Tracey Hughes is a highly sought-after and leading Louisville dentist. At the Boulder Valley Dental Center, Dr. Hughes welcomes her patients as ‘guests.’ She is constantly committed to advancing her skills and knowledge through continuing education initiatives. Having received her B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology from Buena Vista University in Iowa, she proceeded to obtain her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1998 from the University Of Iowa College Of Dentistry. Over the years Dr. Hughes has committed several hours of learning to refine her knowledge and to ensure that she provides her patients with modern dental services. She is only one of less than 1,000 dentists who have earned a Fellowship in Advanced Physiologic Based Dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Technologies (LVI Global). Whether it is general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry or even sleep apnea, reach out to Dr. Hughes today!