Tooth Extraction Louisville CO

Tooth Extractions An Overview

A tooth extraction is always a treatment of last resort, when other restorative options are considered ineffective. It may also be recommended in younger patients before orthodontic treatment if tooth crowding is a concern. Dr. Hughes will discuss all aspects of a tooth extraction procedure and how best to care for your oral health to ensure a good recovery.

A tooth extraction is a relatively simple procedure that is typically performed using a local anesthetic. Moat patients will experience only minor pressure as the tooth is gently moved around and then removed.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

To extract the tooth from its socket, the dentist will gently move it back and forth with a special tool. This enables the tooth to gradually become separated from its ligament and to slowly be pulled out of the socket, minimizing your discomfort.

You will be given after care instructions to ensure that the socket and adjacent area heal properly and without infection. If you are experiencing new or lingering symptoms such as excessive bleeding, throbbing pain or swelling, please contact us and we will provide further instruction on how best to address any problem.