Laser Dentistry Louisville, CO

The use of lasers on dental treatments has improved both the patient experience and the accuracy of results. Widely used in treating the gums and soft tissues of the mouth, dental lasers can remove diseased or damaged tissue while stimulating the body’s natural healing response for a faster recovery. Boulder area dentist Dr. Tracey Hughes has extensive training in the use of dental lasers for periodontal treatments that can both restore gum health and provide improved aesthetics.

lanap for gum disease in boulder valley coDr. Hughes is one of few dentists nationwide who offer the unique and highly effective LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). Developed as an alternative to traditional gum surgery, LANAP is FDA cleared and can address many stages of gum disease and tissue damage in two treatments with results that will give you back a beautiful, healthy smile.

The goal of LANAP is to halt and reveres the progression of gum disease. Using an advanced laser system Dr. Hughes can remove damaged tissue, stimulate healthy tissue regrowth and decrease pockets around the teeth. Once the procedure is complete, your gums will be able to recover and support your overall dental health. LANAP can often save a severely damaged smile and avoid tooth loss.

Why Treat Gum Disease?

Healthy gums support healthy and stable teeth. Gum disease can threaten your dental health and your overall health and well-being if left untreated. Over time, what begins as a minor infection with minimal symptoms can lead to dramatic changes in your smile that can include tooth loss.

Gum disease has also been proven to be linked to an increased risk for an inflammatory related disease. Advanced gum disease compromises the ability of the gum tissue to function normally as a barrier between harmful bacteria in the mouth and your bloodstream. For patients with existing disease, especially cardiovascular disease and diabetes, gum disease can make symptoms worse and management more difficult. Keeping the gums healthy is important for your overall quality of life.

LANAP is a revolutionary treatment for advanced gum disease or periodontitis that can restore gum health without the need for sutures, surgery and a long recovery. If you have been previously diagnosed with advanced gum disease or told that you need osseous surgery to restore gum health, schedule a consultation with Dr.Hughes to explore your options and learn more about LANAP.

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Are you searching for a dentist that offers laser dentistry in Lafeyette, CO and Louisville, CO areas? Dr. Hughes has had extensive training using the LANAP® laser treatment to treat many stages of gum disease. If you suffer from gum disease and have been referred to an oral surgeon, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hughes to discuss how LANAP® laser therapy can restore your smile with less pain and downtime.

About LANAP: What To Expect

The LANAP protocol is highly successful because of its ability to target only diseased tissue, without harming healthy tissue in and around the treated area. The specific type of laser energy used will allow Dr. Hughes to accurately address where the gums have become infected or damaged, stabilize the treated tissue with a blood clot and stimulate the natural regeneration of new, healthy tissue.

To begin, a local anesthetic is administered for your comfort. During the procedure, a very thin laser wire is inserted between the teeth and gums which will kill off existing harmful bacteria while also causing a reaction with the tissue to form a blood clot. During the treatment, we will clear away plaque and tartar that has built up on the tooth roots in order to leave a clean, healthy and stable environment for healing.

You will undergo two 90 minute sessions in our comfortable and relaxing dentist office where you will be treated to spa like amenities and attended to by our caring and dedicated staff of dental professionals. Dr. Hughes will provide after care instructions to ensure the swiftest recovery and best results, but you can resume you normal routine right away.

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The LANAP procedure saves smiles and has helped many patients address complex problems without the pain, risks and downtime often associated with oral surgery.

Elaine’s Story

Amy’s Story

Why Choose LANAP?

The LANAP procedure offers key benefits while minimizing common risks associated with oral surgery:

  • NO stitches
  • NO cutting, less bleeding and swelling
  • NO downtime- return to your routine after your treatment
  • Faster recovery times when compared to surgical alternatives
  • Less tooth sensitivity

LANAP is the only procedure that has been proven to preserve natural gum tissues and stimulate natural reattachment of gum tissue to the teeth. In addition, LANAP has been proven to minimize the risk for infection after treatment and promotes healing and regeneration of healthy tissue.