Laser Dentistry Lafayette, CO

Laser dentistry is useful in treating the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Dental lasers can remove diseased or damaged tissue while stimulating the body’s natural healing response for a faster recovery. Lafayette, CO dentist, Dr. Tracey Hughes can quickly and painlessly remove diseased tissue from the mouth and prevent the spread of infection. A dental laser can remove soft tissue, “cutting it away” without the use of a scalpel by vaporizing tissue with light energy.

Dr. Hughes is among the few dentists in Lafeyette, CO that uses laser dentistry to address periodontal disease without the pain, side effects and down time associated with traditional treatments. Dr. Hughes offers the unique and highly effective LANAP® laser treatment to treat and repair damaged or diseased gum tissue that may have previously required oral surgery. LANAP® laser treatment is a FDA cleared laser treatment that can address many stages of gum disease and tissue damage in two treatments.

Benefits of LANAP® Laser Treatment:

  • No stitches are needed
  • Minimize the risks of infection
  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Immediate results
  • Faster healing
  • More comfortable than surgery
  • Higher level of precision

LANAP® Laser Treatment: How It Works

This laser dentistry treatment known as LANAP® is highly successful because it targets only diseased tissue without harming the healthy surrounding tissue. This is accomplish because the laser wire used in the LANAP® laser treatment is very small allowing for precise contact with only the diseased gums. The extremely precise LANAP® laser wire will be inserted between the teeth and gums which will kill off existing harmful bacteria. This will stabilize the treated tissue with a blood clot and stimulate the natural regeneration of new, healthy tissue. Also, during the treatment, Dr. Hughes will clear away built up plaque and tartar to create a healthy, stable environment for healing.

Lafeyette, CO dentist, Dr. Hughes will treat one side of your mouth in one visit then will treat the other side of your mouth about a week later. Each will visit will last about 90 minutes. Local anesthetic is administered for your comfort before the treatment. Dr. Hughes will provide after care instructions to ensure the swiftest recovery and best results, but you can resume you normal routine right away.

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Are you searching for a dentist that offers laser dentistry in Lafeyette, CO and Louisville, CO areas? Dr. Hughes has had extensive training using the LANAP® laser treatment to treat many stages of gum disease. If you suffer from gum disease and have been referred to an oral surgeon, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hughes to discuss how LANAP® laser therapy can restore your smile with less pain and downtime.