Invisible Braces Louisville, CO

Invisible Braces An Overview

Dr. Tracey Hughes is a Louisville Six Month SmilesĀ® provider and offers this convenient and discreet orthodontic treatment option for adult patients with mild to moderate concerns as a result of crooked teeth. Using clear brackets and wires, your teeth will be gently repositioned for a more aesthetically pleasing smile that you will look forward to sharing both socially and professionally. Six Month Smiles is often the perfect solution for adults who do not want the embarrassment of wearing metal braces.

“I am so excited to have finished my training with Six Month Smiles. This is such a great option to be able to offer our guests. I know they are going to love the results they see every time they smile.” Dr. Tracey Hughes

There are many reasons for straightening your smile, including improved oral health. Your straighter teeth will be easier to keep clean and will support a comfortable and stable bite. This can reduce the risk of developing bite disorders and damaged teeth down the road.

Invisible Braces What to Expect

Dr. Hughes will meet with you to personally discuss your specific dental concerns. Before recommending treatment with Six Month Smiles, she will also perform a thorough evaluation of your dental health to ensure that results will be lasting and meet your expectations.

The first step is to take dental impressions to be used in the planning of your orthodontic treatment. Digital software will be used to precisely determine the placement of the brackets for optimal tooth repositioning.

Dr. Hughes will place your brackets and wires and schedule follow up visits to monitor your progress. Six Month Smiles will exert gentle forces to reposition the teeth and is treatment is typically comfortable.

True to its name, most patients can be successfully treated in about six months time.

Dr. Tracey Hughes

Why choose Boulder Valley Dental Center?

Dr. Tracey Hughes and the dedicated team at Boulder Valley Dental Center provide personalized dental care in Louisville, CO. Dr. Hughes is an experienced dentist who remains committed to continuing education in order to ensure the highest standard of care for your oral health needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Hughes is trained in the LANAP procedure and offers comprehensive care for complex problems including gum disease.

Relationship dentistry is the hallmark of our practice where we place great emphasis on getting to know and understand our patients as a member of our extended family. We have designed our dental office to be welcoming, relaxing and a place that you look forward to visiting as you maintain, restore or enhance your natural smile.