Free Sedation Dentistry for the Month of April

A word from Louisville, CO general dentist Dr. Tracey Hughes of Boulder Valley Dental Center

April is the month for a fresh new start. Spring is arriving and what better time than to take that first step to getting your mouth healthy or to getting that new smile you’ve always wanted. But sometimes that’s easier said than done for many people who are terrified of the thought of going to the dentist.

Statistically, over 50% of the population avoids going to the dentist because of a bad experience they have had in the past.

You may be someone just like that…maybe it’s difficult for you to get completely numb, or perhaps you have a terrible gag reflex, or you have such a severe anxiety about going to the dentist you cannot even pick up the phone to call and make that appointment, or maybe you just haven’t been to the dentist for many years, and it seems like it may take 20 visits to get the dentistry you need to be completed. Sedation Dentistry is the answer to all the above, real concerns.

At Boulder Valley Dental Center, I understand your fears and hesitations about dentistry. Over the last
12 years, I have treated many people who have the above concerns and let me reassure you, we will not judge you in my practice. We welcome you to share your experiences and concerns at your first visit in our office. You will not be rushed, or insulted, or belittled…believe me, I have heard it all and have made it my mission to do absolutely the opposite when you visit my office. Every team member is trained in compassion and listening to discover what we can do to make you the most comfortable while you are in our office.

Sedation Dentistry in Louisville, CO

Sedation Dentistry is very safe and effective in giving you a very comfortable and pleasant experience.
And the best part? You’ll have very little memory of your visit! I have seen people on their first visit with me, trembling in the dental chair. We walk them through the process, at their pace and once we
complete their treatment in our office with Sedation Dentistry, they come back to us raving fans…many telling us how they now look forward to dental visits at Boulder Valley Dental, not to mention, the hugs we receive are always welcome.

Free Sedation at Boulder Valley Dental Center

It’s time to take that first step…and to make it a little easier for you, I am offering FREE SEDATION with your dental treatment during the month of April! This is a $475 value. I invite you to please make that first step and call for your consultation. You will be greeted with a warm smile on the other end of that phone by someone who will take time to listen, empathetically. I look forward to meeting you in a judgment-free environment.

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